Spinz Triple Knee Gear Guard

Spinz Triple Knee Gear Guard

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Standard knee guards work on either one or two muscles supporting the knee. Spinz Triple Gear Knee Guard applies compression on three of the most important muscles of knee, such as Vastus Medialis Muscle, Vastus Lateralis Muscle and Rectus Femoris muscle.

Spinz Triple Gear Knee guard is developed based on professional taping method to support thigh muscles directly.  Three layers apply direct compression and support on each thigh muscle by following the the direction of muscle activity. 


Features :-

Taping Method Design -

It has 3 belts and each belt supports one of the three mentioned muscles to stabilize the knee exactly as professional knee taping does.

Back side open design -

Comfortable on the back of knee while bending the knee and walking

Soft,  Cushioning & Anti slip material with neat fit

Daiya’s unique anti slip and cushioning material around the knee gives effective support and comfort during the period of wear.


Suitable for :-

1. Unstable Knee

-    Ageing

-    Overweight

-    Sports related

2. Osteoarthritis of knee

3.  prevention of work related knee stress & injuries


Specifications :-         

                                                Circumference of 10cm and below the knee

Size M                                                 35cm – 45 cm

Size L                                                  40cm – 58 cm


 Material :-

·Nylon, polyurethane, urethane form, Polyester


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